Differences in wealth by sex

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differences in wealth by sex

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Stereotypes The image of the French as seen by other countries A psycho-analytical view on intercultural differences Are the French anti-American ? Harriet Welty Rochefort and webmaster Philippe Rochefort doing what the French love to do most – earnestly discussing life with a French friend over a cup of coffee on the terrace of a bistro. A few stereotypes of how the French and Americans often see each other. Of course these are broad generalizations and once Americans and French really start talking to each other and explaining their societies to each other, the stereotyped vision changes. There’s more room for “grey” in what is generally seen in black and white.

I received a message : “why do French women use perfume instead of taking a bath? Read about the image of France in the US press and the image of the French for the other European countries, how the French see their own country and see the page on irksome France.

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Pascal Baudry is a Frenchman who lived in California where he ran an organization, WDHB, that holds seminars on international management. Read my comment about it and read a letter from a Harvard student. Many Americans ignore that many industrial French companies are world leaders in their field and keep associating France with wine and perfume. France and the French, as seen by the U.