Lost in translation strip club scene

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Ballard’s outré novel about people who get off on car crashes was too weirdly fetishistic for many viewers. David Cronenberg’s coldly-erotic, dark and disturbing drama examined the lives of a subculture of individuals who had passionate sexual fetishes about deadly car crashes. The alternating kinky, perverse and depraved sex scenes juxtaposed with gruesome car crashes was deliberately controversial and repulsive, and thought to possibly inspire people to have fetishistic sex in high-speed vehicles. Ballard continued his extra-marital affair with Helen, always with love-making in his car in a public place.

The experience caused Ballard to have increased sexual excitement toward his wife and their own rear-entry love-making. After the accident, the three characters were introduced to a weird cult of individuals who derived sexual pleasure and arousal from car crashes, either as survivors or as impact victims with violated bodies.

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She fondled her own breast as he kissed her leg and then made love to it. In the film’s startling conclusion, Ballard deliberately rear-ended his wife’s sports-car. She was thrown from the car onto the ground next to the wreck, where he made love to her from behind, after she regained consciousness and he learned that she was all right. He promised her a more deadly crash the next time: “Maybe the next one, darling.