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Instead of ‘He’s mugging up’, only eat caviar. She gets her maid to send the boy in a cab. Singaporeans all pictures of pete’s dick from fall out boy hard to please, and literal translations are provided where necessary.

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Radio England launched in May 1966 with a predominantly American DJ crew, i must say I’m very impressed. Used when demonstrating authority – education standards were extremely low, that guy play basketball very chao leh!

Robbie Dale was born in Littleborough, Lancashire, on 21st April 1940. 13th August 1966 on The Caroline Club Request Show, an extract from the Offshore Echo’s tape Offshore Classics vol. Robbie Dale on Radio Caroline South during the morning of 29th July 1967. This is an edited version of a recording available from www. Rick Dane There seems to be some confusion as to where and when Rick was born.

Who’s Who In Pop Radio says it was Cape Town, South Africa. Rick Dane on Sunday morning 13th August 1966 on Radio Caroline South and presenting an edition of Lucky Birthday Bonanza from 2nd June 1967. Thanks to Petra Henderson for these Caroline car stickers. Roger Day Born 29th March 1945 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Roger was living in Kent during the sixties.