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sex in the stacks help

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Even in a city long accustomed to living with litter, complaints to officials have surged. Jacobs’ one-mile trek from Point Breeze to the Center City nonprofit where he works is a minefield of dirty distractions – a shattered TV on the sidewalk, trash bags overflowing with discarded clothes, storm drains stuffed with food wrappers. As much a part of his morning routine as his bowl of Raisin Bran and mug of coffee, Jacobs stops repeatedly along the way to snap photos of the litter and report it on the city’s 311-complaint app.

In three years he has submitted 4,000 complaints — yes, that’s an average of four per day — in the hopes the city will clean up the filth. Jacobs, 43, who grew up in Northeast Philadelphia and has also lived in Orlando, Chicago, and Virginia. This has got to be the dirtiest neighborhood I’ve ever seen.

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