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Unless otherwise indicated, content is copyright Peter Higginbotham and may not be re-published without permission. An Account of Several Workhouses, dated October 24th, 1724. THE Number of People taken in and provided for in the Workhouse here, is very different, sometimes more, and sometimes less. We have had above 30, and now under 20.

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Home the Women spin or wind Silk, and the Men pick Ockam. I must, SIR, observe to you, that the Advantage of the Workhouse to the Parish, does not arise from what the poor People can do towards their Subsistance, but from the Apprehensions the Poor have of it. These prompt them to exert, and do their utmost to keep themselves off the Parish, and render them exceedingly averse to submit to come into the House, till extream Necessity compels them. Sort deem the Workhouse to be a mere State of Slavery, and so Numbers are kept out. THERE are two things more that have greatly contributed to render the Workhouse beneficial towards reducing the Poor’s Rate, viz.

Article we have saved to the Parish above 70l per Annum. BEFORE opening of the House, our Poor were sometimes 1s. Year we hope to some off for 8d. THE Expenses for the Workhouse from Michaelmas 1723, to Michaelmas 1724, were 147l.