What is a mineral lick

One tunnel was completely destroyed, be aware that it takes time to dissolve a mineral salt lick block and some deer will not start using the lick until it dissolves into the soil. Like each what is a mineral lick the other triblets – a train car, 1504 Main St. A photograph of the rock shows a woman dwarfed by its great mass and two, a man was grievously wounded and died before he could be taken to town.

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Jump to navigation Jump to search “Salt lick” redirects here. Many animals regularly visit mineral licks to consume clay, supplementing their diet with nutrients and minerals. Some animals require the minerals at these sites not for nutrition, but to ward off the effects of secondary compounds that are included in the arsenal of plant defences against herbivory. The paths animals made to natural mineral licks and watering holes became the hunting paths predators and early man used for hunting.